Kids Vitamins - Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc

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Kids Vitamins - Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc

Brand: Maplelife



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Brand: Maplelife


  • CONVENIENT, EASY-TO-TAKE LIQUID FORM WITH GUARANTEED HIGH ABSORPTION RATE We tailor every product for our customers, and this one is specially made for children. In order to make the nutrients more bioavailable for the delicate developing body, we decided to make this into a liquid product such that its convenient and easy to children to take. The liquid form also ensures high absorption rate in the body so these nutrients are put to good use!
  • DELICIOUS STRAWBERRY FLAVOURED LIQUID Our Ca-Mag-Zn + D liquid is flavoured with natural strawberry flavour - one of the most popular flavours among kids. You can either mix it with water, juices or milk, drink this during or after a meal. We know this will be the perfect complement, especially to a balanced diet!
  • BEST SUITED FOR YOUR LITTLE ONES - FROM TODDLERS UP TO 14 YEARS OF AGE This product is formulated with care in mind. We want this product to be suitable for a wide range of ages. We put just the right dosages for each ingredient so that children of age 1 can start taking it, up till when they reach their adolescence. This is essentially perfect for children up to 14 years old!
  • EXCELLENT SUPPLEMENT FOR CHILDREN’S IMMUNITY AND OPTIMAL GROWTH As the name suggests, our Ca-Mag-Zn + D liquid contains calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D which are essential for proper growth of healthy bones, hair, nails, and skin. Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D are vital nutrients to support energy metabolism, tissue formation and proper muscle function. Vitamin D and zinc are the perfect combination for the ideal development of immune system.
  • 100% PURE, CLEAN, SAFE SUPPLEMENT We understand that extra cautions are needed when it comes to supplementing children. We follow high standards not only in the manufacturing processes, but especially the products. Maplelife Ca-Mag-Zn+D Liquid has no artificial flavours or colours, wheat, dairy, soy, gluten or yeast. We want to guarantee high quality, pure and clean products as a promise to our valued customers.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Release Date: 18-05-2020

Part Number: 80077668

Details: Supports children's bones, teeth, and immune system. A balanced, easily absorbed liquid formula that kids love.

EAN: 0871267003338

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