Monster Energy, Assault 473mL Can, Pack of 12, Clear

Monster Energy, Assault 473mL Can, Pack of 12, Clear Sale

Monster Energy, Assault 473mL Can, Pack of 12, Clear

Monster Energy Assault

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Monster Energy Assault

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Brand: Monster Energy

Color: Clear


  • UNLEASH THE BEAST| Monster Energy Assault is a Revolution in a Can
  • Refreshing like a pop, but loaded with the same Energy Blend as Monster Energy Original
  • Stock Up with a Case of 12 x 473mL Cans
  • 166mg of Caffeine, 200 Calories

Release Date: 25-06-2019

Details: ASSAULT | Monster Assault is a revolution in a can. Refreshing; like a pop but loaded with the same energy blend that makes Monster the meanest energy drink on the planet. VIVA LA REVOLUTION! | At Monster we don’t get too hung up on politics. We’re not for “the War”, against “the War” or any war for that matter. We put the “camo” pattern on our new Monster Assault can because we think it looks cool. Plus, it helps fire us up to fight the big multi-national companies who dominate the beverage business. We’ll leave politics to the politicians and just keep doing what we do best – make the meanest energy drinks on the planet! Declare war on the ordinary! Grab a Monster Assault and Viva La Revolution! 200 calories, 166mg of Caffeine STOCK UP WITH A 12x473mL PACK



EAN: 0070847811794

Package Dimensions: 11.3 x 8.0 x 6.3 inches



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