Top 10 Soft Drinks You Should Try

Do you know why the phrase soft drink came to be? It originated merely to differentiate between hard liquor and distilled spirits. They are basically nonalcoholic beverages that can be carbonated and may have a sweeting agent, natural or artificial flavors, edible acids, and even juice. These natural flavors are usually extracted from nuts, fruits, berries, roots, and herbs. They became popular since they were recommended to tone down the hard-drinking ways of Americans.

It’s important to note that coffee, vegetable juices, tea, cocoa, milk, and undiluted juices are not soft drinks. You can simmer down these drinks into various categories like low sodium content, no caffeine, all-natural, and low-calorie beverages. To get a better idea of these drinks, here are the top 10 soft drinks that are a must-try.

  1. Coca-Cola

Most people, if not all, are familiar with the red and white Coke logo. It’s the number one go-to soft drink worldwide. It consists of a carbonated soft drink that has stood a test of time, particularly with the rise of other Cola-flavored drinks like Pepsi. The drink is a fun favorite for consumers because of its unique taste and fizziness.

It’s doesn’t do much as far as nutritional values are concerned, but there are definitely benefits you will enjoy when you take a sip on this soft drink. For starters, the cola drink contains caffeine, a stimulant that makes you alert when you feel tired or enhances your performance when you do certain tasks.

  1. Diet Coke

With the rise of other soft drinks brands that tried to give Coca-Cola Company a run for their money, the firm had to go back to the drawing board to devise means to maintain its consumers. Most consumers were not happy with the original contents of Coca-Cola, especially the added sugars, which are basically carbohydrates that increase your calories which increase weight gain.

To get ahead of this, the company produced Diet Coke; it has the same contents as Coca-Cola but with no sugars. When it hit the market, it instantly became big. What could be more enticing than a cold ice Diet Coke on a hot summer afternoon? The good thing about it is that you’ll worry about extra calories because it is deprived of them. It is an excellent choice for dieters, which made it to pretty much climb up the charts of the best soft drinks to try out,

  1. Red Bull

It’s a sugar-free energy drink made up of caffeine, B-Vitamins, and other nutrients. The three factors combined together give you tons of benefits like boosting energy and mental capacity. To further break down its components, you’ll get sodium, taurine, and sugar, which gives additional benefits when you drink the beverage.

It does not have any negative effects on healthy people when taken in moderation, making it a fun favorite. It also gives you adrenaline once taken and has extracts that are mood enhancers that are perfect for potentially combating diseases like cancer. Such benefits have made Red Bull to be on the consumer’s cart. While there are no issues with drinking the Red Bull, it can be life-threatening to consumers who have pre-existing heart diseases.

  1. Pepsi

It’s a carbonated soft drink that PepsiCo created. It has gone through rebranding over the years to become a household name in the Cola Family. It was originally created to help in digestion and boost energy. It previously devised marketing techniques that targeted black consumers, which quickly boosted their sales to a sinking ship. Today, it’s a worthy competitor to the like of Coca-Cola.

It’s made up of carbonated water, citric acid, corn syrup, sugar, among other components that help in boosting energy and digestion.

  1. Tropicana

It’s a company that focuses on producing fresh orange juices. It was previously an Indian company but was sold to PepsiCo. Just with one serving, you can get Vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant in the body. It will, in turn, support your Immune System and make it healthy.

A typical American breakfast must have an orange juice and the Tropicana brand known for fruit that grove can never miss on the table. Even though it came to the market a long time ago, it still holds its ground with newer brands coming up.

  1. Fanta

These are fruit-flavored soft drinks that Coca-Cola Company created after the merger with the original German firm. Most people know the Fanta Orange, but there are close to 150 flavors in the world. They tried to incorporate fruit in every flavor they created. The brand made the orange fruit their hero variant when creating these sets of soft drinks. There are rich in eye-catching colors and flavors, which are fruit-based.

  1. Sprite

It’s a colorless carbonated soft drink made by Coca-Cola Company to try and compete with another soft drink. It’s made from lime and lemon flavors which are their popular flavors, but there are other flavors under sprite-like Cranberry, Vanilla, Orange, Grape, and Cherry.

It comes second as the safest soft drink. It doesn’t contain caffeine like the rest of them but has enough added sugar that can jolt up your energy. It’s a healthier soft drink since it doesn’t contain artificial coloring. It’s made up of carbohydrates, sodium, and nothing else. It quickly climbed up the best soft drink chart quickly because it’s a safe drink that doesn’t contain harmful substances.

  1. Gatorade

It’s a non-carbonated sports drink with electrolytes that replace fluids, electrolytes, and sugar lost during strenuous activity. You also lose fluids electrolytes while sick, which makes you to feel bad, a sip of Gatorade can help rehydrate, replace electrolytes and boost energy short term when sick. Once you take a sip on Gatorade, you’ll feel better after hours as they work the same as oral rehydration.

It contains potassium, electrolytes, sodium, and carbohydrates that work together to rehydrate, sustain energy, and prevent muscle cramping, and regulate fluids in the body. The company looked much into its taste and formulated a drink to quench your thirst. Yes, it tastes good and makes you want to drink more from it.

  1. Minute Maid

It’s a line of beverages made of lemonade and orange juice but now has soft drinks like Hi-C. They come in various flavors of fruits that are made up of calcium, foliate, and potassium, which have benefits in the body. Its refreshing blend of fresh juices has made Minute Maid to become a household name. Its nutritional content and a blend of fruity flavors have made it to never miss during Breakfast in most American homes.

  1. Dr. Pepper

It’s a carbonated soft drink that boosts digestion while restoring vim, vitality, and vigor. It’s a blend of natural and artificial flavors and joins together to form 23 ingredients. The drink has carbohydrates, added sugars and sodium, among other nutrients that boost your energy.

When you sip it, you’ll first taste cherry or pulp with a dash of cinnamon and vanilla. Other flavors have that peppery flare that comes from natural flavors. It’s without a doubt that the flavors make Dr. Pepper on the best soft drinks charts.


Whichever soft drinks you are wondering to hop on or want to try out, the ones mentioned above are the best to go for based on their popularity as well as market value. However, it’s important to note that soft drinks have adverse effects when you drink them every day. You can get tooth decay weight gain, among other diseases. Always go for the safest soft drink health-wise.   



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