The best exotic drinks you absolutely must drink

Nowadays there are exotic drinks that propose new ways to relax

These drinks promise to ensure relaxation even for those who, struggling with compressed work rhythms or fluid schedules, see the possibility of carving out a space to dedicate to themselves, to their well-being and to the search for inner balance as a luxury.

Goals that, on the other hand, seem to be within reach, even in a can, according to the bombastic campaigns for the presentation of these relaxing products and drinks, a new niche in which the beverage market is investing to regain share.


1.Canada Dry

From the 1890 recipe of the pharmacist John J. McLaughlin of Enniskillen, Ontario, one of the most famous Ginger Ale across the Channel. The original name was "Canada Dry Pale Ginger Ale", because it was much less sweet than other ginger ales then available, hence the choice of the adjective "dry".

2. Dr. Prepper

Dr Pepper is a soft drink-type carbonated non-alcoholic beverage distributed in the USA, England, South America and some European countries by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.


 Fanta Original was produced for the first time in Naples in 1955 and today it is among the most popular orange-flavored carbonated drinks in the world.


Coca-Cola is a non-alcoholic industrial soft drink. With the same name is also often referred to the manufacturer of the drink, The Coca-Cola Company

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